Written translation  

Written translation is a difficult art. As popular wisdom says:

A translation is like a woman: if it is faithful it is not beautiful; if it is beautiful it is not faithful

However, we strive to make our translations both faithful and as beautiful as the original. We have been translating documents on a broad
range of topics for many years now:
• Feasibility reports, instruction manuals, technical specifications, catalogues, advertising leaflets and the like. One of our latest jobs was
the translation of advertising and communication materials for the EXPOHABITAT fair on household products held in Moscow.
• Interpreting for technical meetings, assembly and initial start-up of machinery, technician trainings, retraining courses, product presentations,
Medical, veterinary and pharmacological papers and reports.
Literary works in prose and poetry

Some examples of our translations:

Conspiració a Moscou
B.Akunin, novel
"Ediciones SALAMANDRA s.l./Ediciones 62", Barcelona
Series "El Balancí", 2003
Translation from Russian into Catalan






Article of Kazakh alpinist Denis Urubko
"Desnivel" October, 2009
Translation from Russian into Spanish







The Bell Tolls for Pig Flu
Address of Teresa Forcades
Monserrat, September 2009
Translation from Spanish into Russian
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Volverán las Oscuras Golondrinas
Poetry by Gustavo Adolfo Béquer
Translation from Spanish into Russian
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Website of Spanish singer Julio Iglesias
Translation from Spanish into Russian
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